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Algebra Ladder

I first encountered a diagram of algebraic structures at the end of Jeevanjee's second chapter, "Vector Spaces", which elegantly summarizes the high-level differences in structure between sets, vector spaces, and inner product spaces.

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Erasing Efficiently

I've spent time focusing on the best chalkboards and chalks on my tools page, but -until recently- I've not spent much time thinking about the last part of the process -- erasing. At the suggestion of several colleagues, I played around with...

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Tensor Type Notation

What does type (r, s) mean?

I'd like to discuss the notation of the tensor type, commonly denoted \((r, s)\) as it relates to the tensor product. Specifically, the ordering of the vector spaces and dual vector spaces involved in the...

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Tensor Product for Programmers

The introduction to tensor products and tensor algebras is often riddled with rigor, in which a mathematician would delight but a programmer would despair. I find myself in the intersection of these camps and while I appreciate notation, a simpler introduction is possible...

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