Einstein's theory of relativity has advanced our ideas of the structure of the cosmos a step further. It is as if a wall which separated us from Truth has collapsed. Wider expanses and greater depths are now exposed to the searching eye of knowledge, regions of which we had not even a presentiment. It has brought us much nearer to grasping the plan that underlies all physical happening.

- Hermann Weyl

My research is primarily focused on classical and quantum gravity. Presently, I am working on applications of numerical, semiclassical techniques to loop quantum cosmology. Also, I'm investigating computational methods in tensor network renormalization with applications to spinfoams and loop quantum gravity.

More generally, I am interested in analytical and computational approaches within general relativity (GR) and quantum gravity (QG), including loop quantum gravity, noncommutative geometry, causal dynamical triangulations, and causal sets. I find the beautiful, mathematical machinery underlying these theories equally as intriguing.

For my research codes, see here. For publications, see here.