Blog Reboot

After completing the first year of graduate school (post on the industry \(\to\) grad school transition forthcoming), I've finally got time to reboot the blog, with more focus. I'll be posting on a \(\sim\)weekly basis about the interesting topics I come across in the course of research, class, and general academic meandering. Renewed areas of focus will include various mathematical, physical, or programming topics, such as:

  • Unravelling bundles (as in fibre bundles)
  • Wormhole solutions in GR and energy conditions
  • Managing environments in Python and developer workflows

I will also attempt some recurring installations, such as:

  • Fermi Figures - playful posts about solving various back-of-the-envelope questions
  • Enthralling Theorem - spotlight of an interesting theorem / mathematical fact
  • Found this week - weekly interesting discoveries, clearly and heavily inspired by the famous "This week's finds" - an asymptote I only hope to approach over time.

Please subscribe if you like what you find, and feel free to suggest topics for future posts

Also, the recommended physics and maths references pages have been thoroughly updated (they were quite stale).

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