Fermi Friday: Galactic Spaghetti

Often in discussions about blackholes, the question arises of observer experience when falling into a blackhole. Due to the extreme tidal forces experienced along such a path, the observer would be stretched out - a process colloquially referred to as...

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Blog Reboot

After completing the first year of graduate school (post on the industry \(\to\) grad school transition forthcoming), I've finally got time to reboot the blog, with more focus. I'll be posting on a \(\sim\)weekly basis...

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Algebra Ladder

I first encountered a diagram of algebraic structures at the end of Jeevanjee's second chapter, "Vector Spaces", which elegantly summarizes the high-level differences in structure between sets, vector spaces, and inner product spaces.

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Quick Python Setup


Python has increased in popularity to near ubiquity in the past five years. While the Python community (correctly) professes simplicity as a major accomplishment of the language, I still get a lot of questions about how to get a python...

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Gravity of a Photon

A friend, who focuses primarily on experimental particle physics, recently asked me an interesting question about gravity. Specifically, he asked how the presence of electromagnetic fields impacts the gravitational field. Applying some modern-physics reasoning, he proposed...

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